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Pathways Programme


Year One

Year Two

6 October
Orientation Day:  
Drumalis Team 
Fr John Forsythe

3 November

Pastoral Use of/Praying the Scriptures
Anna Hainey CP
Bishop Donal McKeown 

A Gospel Narrative
Approach to Ministry
Padraig O’Tuama

1 December  
 Liturgical Seasons
Joe Greenan 
Pam Thimmes osc

12 January  

Context of Faith
Clare Gilmore

Ecumenism/Celtic Spirituality Johnston McMaster
 9 February   
Christian Ethics
Perry Gildea cm

Clare Gilmore/Henry O’Loan
 9 March    

A Gospel Narrative Approach to Ministry
Padraig O Tuama

Liturgical Seasons
Joe Greenan

6 April   

Jonny Watson

Models and Vision of Parish
Marian Curran &
Bishop Donal McKeown
 25 May  
Images of God/Jesus the Christ
Clare Gilmore

Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation
Margaret Rose McSparran CP
Anne Harnett CP 

15 June  
 Day of Reflection
Perry Gildea cm
 Day of Guided Prayer
Anna Hainey CP and Team