Wholeschool Portal | Home 22 October 2018
 The Roses


Arches and Bed by the Meadow Fence (West) - Climbers
Gloriana     mauve to pink
Warm Welcome   vermillion to orange
Niceday     salmon pink
Open Arms    pale pink
Albertine     soft pink

Bed in front of the arches
Fragrant Delight   salmon
Fellowship    deep orange
Easy Going    apricot
Lili Marlene    deep red

Central Beds
1. Rosa Glenshane  red
2. Rosa Tall Story   white
3. Rosa Wine & Dine  crimson
4. Rosa Rugosa Rubra  pink
5. Rosa Ballerina    pink
6. Rosa Bonica   pink
Rosa Sally Holmes  pale apricot 

Sitting Area
Silver Jubilee    orange/pink
Rosa Hertfordshire   pink
Just Joey     orange Standard Rose

Silver Jubilee    orange/pink

Lower Circle (South) Climbers to Arches
Compassion   double pink copper tinged
Crème de la Crème    white fading to cream
Penny Lane   soft honey to blush pink
Fragrant Cloud   deep coral red
Alfresco   salmon and yellow

Lower Circle - Beds
George Best    red
Korresia     yellow
Tickled Pink    pink
Margaret Merril    white
Sexy Rexy     pink
Hot Chocolate    brown
Sheila’s Perfume    red/yellow
Pretty Lady     peach
Flower Power   peachy salmon
Golden Memories   yellow
Old Port     mauve
Champagne Moment   cream
Trumpeter     red
Irish Eyes     orange
Princess of Wales   white
City of Belfast    red
Sweet Magic    orange
Red Finesse    red
Arthur Bell     orange