Beloved Disciples

“Wisdom comes with age”… Join us in Drumalis Retreat Centre for a 4 week DVD course (designed for the over sixties) that will inspire and bring a new spring to your step. Each Tuesday morning in February, from 10:30am – 12:00pm. Suggested donation £5 per week. To book tel 028 28276455 or email

The Universe is a Revelatory Experience

Drumalis 24-29 June 2019 "Within the Universe, the planet EARTH with all its wonder is the place for the Meeting of the Divine and the Human" - Thomas Berry With Anne Harnett CP, Margaret Rose McSparran CP & Team Click here for more information

Walking Together with Hope into the Future

During the consultation process of the past year we were greatly encouraged by the interest and enthusiasm around the whole idea of Walking Together with Hope into the Future. We feel that the next stage is to explore that “walking together”, to build on and deepen the connections and sense of belonging within a living community. With the dawn of the new year a series of “gatherings” is being offered at Drumalis. These will be opportunities to meet informally, have conversation, share experiences round the wider story of Drumalis and enjoy good food. The first one is on Friday, January 11th at 5 pm. This is a significant day in the calendar of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross an

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