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What is Pathways?


Pathways is a two-year Adult Faith Development programme delivered one Saturday per month from October to June. The course is available either in-house at Drumalis or by Zoom video-conferencing.

Who is Pathways for?


The programme is suitable for men and women of all ages who wish to update their understanding of Church teaching, faith and ministry and to explore what this means in everyday life.

"I have just completed a two year part-time course at this beautiful place, Drumalis. I would definitely recommend the Pathways Adult Faith development course to anyone looking to learn more about their faith and interested in meeting great people who have similar questions and doubts to themselves. The food’s great too.  Not to mention the fantastic people who give their time to give inspirational talks on all aspects of faith. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and am seriously considering going further with my studies.  Many, many thanks Maura Burns for all your hard work and all the team at Drumalis. Amazing people doing a wonderful job. Visit Drumalis, it’s a spa for your soul."


- Helen Downey


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What are the entrance requirements?

There are no academic entrance requirements.  All that is asked is 
• A willingness to listen
• Openness to participation
• A desire to explore Faith



Annual Course fees: £225 in house, £165 via Zoom.  We are grateful to funders who generously support the Pathways programme. Refreshments and a snack lunch are included in the course fees for those attending in-house.

It is possible to attend individual days, but pre-booking is essential. Fees for individual days: £30 in house, £20 via Zoom

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