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Carers Days

Carers Days are a regular feature of the Drumalis programme.  During these days men and women who devote their lives and energies to caring for a loved one at home are given the opportunity to have “a day out,”  a day where they are cared for themselves, where they are pampered, and offered relaxation session and therapies.  These days are organised by various Health and Social Services Boards and are a wonderful opportunity for the carers to recharge their batteries and return to their home with renewed energy and commitment.  To find out if any days are offered by your health board, please contact the Carers Coordinator in your area.

Comments from Carers Days:

“Peace and calm and everyone made so welcome. I don’t get often enough.” - John

“Free day, helps me relax and take my mind off my problems.”- Trevor

 “Welcoming staff, meeting and sharing with other people in similar circumstances” - Moira

 “Haven’t  been treated like this for years. First class from start to finish.” - Caroline

Perfect, so relaxing, now I feel I can take on the world - well, my own little world.  From the moment 
of entering the house, the magic began

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